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Featured Services


Social Media Marketing & Branding refers to the process of gaining traffic or business through social media sites. Social Media majorly includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Messenger, etc. The team at IAMJEWELLER will be promoting/branding your business by becoming your Social Media Handler. Regularly updating your profile , uploading posts,images,gif,videos,etc. everything which will make your brand more imapactful. Social Media itself is a Virtual Marketing Person for Your business. So ,boost your business by SMM.


Indian Festival Greetings is a whole new concept of Marketing .Keeping in mind the Business Relations which we all have with our respective clients, we at IAMJEWELLER will definately help you enhance your relation grow more thus, also making your Company a Worthy & Valuable Brand. Indian Festival Greetings includes Festival Creatives/Artwork , Videos & GIF with your Company’s Info . This Greetings can be sent out to your clients,friends,family,etc and can be used anywhere. Indian Festival Greetings is trending nowadays .So one must not miss a chance to leave an long lasting impact on their clients….


Product Photoshoot/Photography  –  You’ve just found the best way to get high-quality, professionally shot product photography. The photos which will be clicked by a Professional Photographer in a well Equiped Studio with all the necessary equipments required during photoshoot. Also it won’t be a normal photoshoot, if the requirement is of thematic product photoshoot or any other photography it can be done too. Quality is the only thing which we at IAMJEWELLER have kept in mind . Thus IAJ will make your Product more lively .


Inivitation Card & Designing – The contemporary card is a stunning way to market your special artistic event, exhibition, class or workshop. IAMJEWELLER offers a wide range of variety to portray their creativty through invitation cards. One can design Exhibition Invitation, Exhibition Posters, Exhibition Accessories Designing ,etc. Printing can also be done according to the requirement. Designing is the integral thing which makes the invitaion card looks more attractive & elegant.


Brochures & Catalogues Designing – In print format, a brochure or catalogue design is a miniature painting of your business. Both Brochure and Catalogue designs are physical alternatives to your Company’s Profile. A brochure or a catalogue can be touched, it can be felt, it can be left on a client’s table – so it must be very real and powerful. The team at IAJ with their innovative ideas & thoughts will make Brochures & Catalogues more Elegant & well-favoured .Printing can also be done as per the requirement.


Modelling Photography – You have a close-up shot, a whole image shot… even shots showing the back of the piece. But you’re missing a crucial photograph – your item on a model. Don’t underestimate how important this image is to your customer. Not only does it ‘humanise’ your jewelry, it also gives an immediate sense of scale. When we’re looking at small items of jewelry blown up at huge resolution on our computer monitor, we can get a skewed sense of the size of the piece. Showing it on a model eliminates this problem immediately, and it is also a great opportunity to extend your branding with the style of model photo you use. IAJ teams up with a Professed Photographer to  make the need of our clientage come true. Modelling Photography thus offers us a wide range for showcasing our brand on an international level.


Magazine & Newspaper Advertisment Designing – Editorial design is a fascinating field that combines our abilities for creative typography, smart layouts and clever compositions. Designing Newspapers & Magazines has become particularly challenging as digital takes over most of our communications. While we must learn to adapt our concepts to various screen sizes, paper will always be an essential medium for creative expression.Editorial design plays a key role in the way information is presented, shared and understood .IAJ will thus ally our client to create a well-designed artwork which can be published in the newspaper or magazine.


Logo Designing & Corporate Designing – Get the recognition that your business deserves with a remarkable logo that your customers can easily identify and connect to your brand.A corporate design (CD) is the official graphical design of the logo and name of a company or institution used on letterheads, envelopes, forms, folders, brochures, etc. Logo depict the face of your brand. IAJ has evolved as a whole for developing a stunning Logo for your valuable company.